Hello and welcome to ~ Beauty and the Beaches ~

A Journey to Sustainability through Beauty and Fashion.

I am passionate about our planet and the natural world.  For me, raising awareness on the environment around us is a priority.  The effects of climate change have already been well documented – it is no secret our oceans are teeming with plastic and our Earth’s natural resources are being exploited.  Being involved in the beauty industry and having a love for sustainable fashion it became apparent to me there is still room for change. 

My aim is to inform readers and raise awareness of the changes needed for a more sustainable future on this planet.  I generally like to keep things positive so my approach will focused on the things we can do, rather than what we can’t and in an easily accessible way for everyone to enjoy. 

I’ll be covering topics such as:

Sustainable Fashion

Sustainable Beauty

Reducing unnecessary waste and plastic as much as possible to prolong and protect the health of marine life.

I’ll be showing you the things I love, where you can buy them whilst also being content in the knowledge that wherever you choose to spend your hard earned cash, you can ensure it has been fairly, ethically and responsibly sourced.  By working together and being more environmentally conscious, we as consumers, can work towards prolonging the longevity of our planet for generations to come.

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Thank you.

~ Beauty and the Beaches ~


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