Seven Worlds One Planet

BBC Earth presents the greatly anticipated follow up to Planet Earth and Blue Planet series.

We begin with highly skilled camera work and a sweeping sountrack together with the ever magnificent Sir David Attenborough narrating every word. It’s as you’d expect – spectacular. Breathtaking. But as we know, life in the wild is anything but.

The first episode opens on location in Antarctica. Possibly the most hostile continent on the planet, life in Antarctica is harsh. The effects of climate change are causing temperatures and sea levels to rise. This is having a global impact on weather conditions and resulting in brutal consequences for the animals who live there.

We see some upsetting and deeply emotional scenes. From animals and birds facing extinction to the wreckless slaughter of millions of whales. Yet the irony is, whales remain inquisitive and gentle towards humans. The relationship between humans and the natural world at times seem beyond repair.

Scientists have discovered that the southern ocean and the life within it, soaks up more than twice as much carbon from the atmosphere as the Amazon rainforest. By protecting Antartica, we don’t just protect life here, we are helping to restore the natural balance of the entire planet

We are reminded that given time life on Earth can recover and can once again brim with life. But it must be given the chance. With climate change affecting us all and if we continue on at the rate in which we are currently experiencing, there will be little hope of recovery.

All of this information, all of the facts made clear by world renowned scientists who experience it first hand and yet, we still treat our home with such hostility.


Seven Worlds One Planet airs on BBC1 on Sunday 27th October 2019 for 8 weeks.

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