Black Friday / Christmas

So Black Friday is this weekend and marks the beginning of the Christmas shopping extravaganza as December is fast approaching.

Get ready to be bombarded with the ‘latest deals’ ‘must have buys’ and ‘HUGE SAVINGGGGGSSSS’ 70% off this, 30% off that… I’m seeing it daily on social media as I’m sure you are too. While this can be a good thing if you are after something in particular, most of the time these are marketing strategies invented by multimillion dollar companies designed to convince us we are missing out if we don’t buy into the latest trend or grab the best bargain deals of 2019! All urging us to buy new new new, more more more.

I am here to remind you this is not the case. You don’t need to part with your cash in this way this weekend or at any other time. But if you absolutely must – here are just a few things you can do instead:

  • Meet up with a friend for a coffee or a drink – small independent cafes or bars will be happy to see you, as will your mate for a good yarn.
  • Buy from a small business – they can offer handmade options, spending hours sourcing and perfecting the best products to make you happy. These people put their hearts and souls into their businesses. You’re guaranteed to receive a warmer welcome and sometimes even a written thank you note for your custom. These are small gestures yet better than anything you would receive at a chain.
  • Buy from charities. As I said above don’t fuel big businesses who make huge profits from your money. Spending money on second hand or brand new yet charitable options means your cash will go to the people who need it most.
  • Have a pamper day/night. Have a bath, get that face mask on you’ve had in the cupboard for the past month. Get your hair done, makeup or nails done. Whatever makes you happy and makes time for you.
  • Go for a walk. Sounds simple and it is. Mountains, forest, beach whatever your thing is get out in the great outdoors and enjoy it. Even pick up some litter and take it home and recycle it!

I guarantee by doing anything of these things after this weekend you’ll wake up happier you did spend time with someone you love and spent less on something worthwhile. And most of you all you didn’t stand in a queue for 5 hours, refresh your browser for the 90th time or end up in a fight over a goddamn toaster.

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