I just want to say a huge thank you to everyone for coming along with me on this little sustainable journey. In recent months I have learned so much already and still have a way to go. I love having this as a little outlet of creative escapism. Most of all I’ve really enjoyed meeting YOU, all you lovely people who are into the same things as me.

Incase you are new here, I am currently doing no new clothes or new makeup for one year. This is because the beauty and fashion industries are highly wasteful and I would like to see some changes within these practices.

I’m not going to get soppy as Christmas/NY can turn me into an emotional wreck! I just wanted to THANK YOU and tell you what you can expect to see from me in 2020:

* Love and celebrate all things sustainable and second hand. Embracing all the benefits of not buying new or into excessive consumerism. Discovering gorgeous unique one off pieces in vintage & charity shops has been PEAK.

* Refusing fast fashion at all costs and continuing to ask for full transparency on where and how their clothes are made.

* Realising I don’t need stuff or things to be happy. Spending more time with family and friends and putting the money I would’ve spent towards an experience or even a holiday.

* Having this page as a non judgemental platform for myself and others to talk openly. A place where we can all come together and support each other by making conscious decisions to do the best we can to protect the environment around us.

* Supporting small / local or family run businesses who only have our best interests at heart. The people who work their guts out, care about us and deserve every penny of our hard earned cash to keep their livelihoods thriving.

* Makeup & skincare. From plastic production, clearer labelling and more recyclable and plastic free packaging. I will explore more of these options to share with you.

* Refusing all single use plastics and highlighting the plastic pollution crisis we are in right now. Researching more ways to go zero waste and plastic free.

And lastly PROGRESS would be my word for 2020. Not getting things right all the time or even coming close to perfection. Just doing things better and moving forward.

Peace love and gratitude to you all x

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