Off It For Lent?

26 February 2020 – First day of Lent.

You may or may not observe Lent. In the traditional sense Lent is a time when people choose to do without. Usually this a luxury item such as chocolate, meat or alcohol! Or in my case I am continuing with not buying new clothes or makeup.

Here are some ideas if you choose to do something different this year:

You may have heard of #40items40days this originated with a number of charities where you remove one item from your house each day for 40 days and place it in a bag. Once Lent is over and the bag is full you donate these items to your local charity shop or homeless shelter.

Of course, you can give up anything you like; maybe you’ll think twice about purchasing new clothes or makeup, maybe pick up a piece of litter and take it home and recycle it, maybe this is the time to stop buying single use and instead replace it with a reusable option.

Whatever it is enjoy it and let me know how you get on!

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