Recycling Isn’t Enough

There’s a phrase which I hear often and it is, “It’s ok if I recycle it”. I wish this were true but unfortunately the reality is less than 20% of our waste is recycled. This includes steel, paper, plastic, aluminium and glass. Leaving 80% to clog up landfills, sewers and worst of all our oceans.

These are shocking statistics and one of the reasons behind why I began writing this blog. I also want to clarify some facts on the products I show on my page.

When I review a product or declare it as 100% recyclable I’m not suggesting you rush out and buy it. For a start some of the items are ‘firsts’ in their field and therefore can be a higher price point. Developments within the beauty industry are making more and more recycable options available to us which is fantastic to see. While these are great alternatives to non recyclable materials further contributing to our waste problem, here are some things to remember:

  • Always use up what you have first. I have previously talked about my involvement in the beauty industry, I still have products from then which would not be considered sustainable. I’ve always been transparent about it. I was torn in the beginning but I decided to use them up rather than discard them. I figured what is the point of discarding half full perfectly useable product which just creates more waste. It makes no sense.
  • Half used products cannot be recycled no matter what they’re made from. If a bottle or jar is half full with product, it’ll be too heavy to be recycled and will head straight for landfill. A reminder to wash out those empties before placing them in the recycling bin.
  • Nothing is as sustainable as buying nothing at all. Yes these products may be made from recyclable materials but what good are they if you have a ton of other things in the bathroom cabinet waiting to be used up first.
  • Wait. If you can. Waiting until something is finished and then replacing it with, not your usual choice, but something which is made from recycled materials and therefore fully recyclable or even better a naked one (meaning no packaging at all) is the best way forward if you really want to make a difference and lower your footprint.
  • Remember don’t be too hard on yourself. Nobody’s perfect. If you’re trying, you’re most likely you’re doing better than most.

Over consuming and excess is always the problem. This is what the Earth is struggling to cope with and exactly what I’m trying to avoid.

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