Reusable options are no stranger here! Plastic bottles are a major contributer to plastic pollution, they never biodegrade, only breakdown into smaller pieces known as microplastics. These end up in the digestive systems of marine life and eventually, if you eat seafood, on your dinner plate.

Reusable bottles are one of the most convenient swaps you can make. There are so many options now. If you asked me which one is my favourite I’d say any bottle, any size, any brand as long as it reusable!

My one is a Refill bottle from Chilly’s bottles. My old one had got a bit manky, I still use it but it was so nice to recieve a new one for Chrismtas. Unlike my old one, my new bottle can be used for hot and cold drinks.

Refill have an app, you can download it for FREE! Simply enter your location to find your nearest Refill station. Here you’ll be able to top up your reusable water bottles with free tap water! This removes the need to buy single use water bottles, especially on the go!

If you are a local business, you can also use the app to sign up to become a Refill station.

More information can be found here:

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