Isolated Clean Up

27 March 2020

Ok, hands up who is climbing the walls and up for a challenge?!

With everything being cancelled and so much uncertainty going on around us it’s possibly the most difficult time in our lives. I thought it might be a good time to take part in a challenge! To join together (online) to do our own #IsolatedCleanUp !

Government advice is to take one form of exercise per day – a run, walk or cycle. Good for both mental and physical health. Why not use this time while you’re out to pick up one or two pieces of rubbish, take it home and dispose or recycle it! All while helping to protect our shores and surrounding wildlife from the effects of waste and plastic pollution.

Here’s what you need to know:

  • Pick up one or two pieces of litter (more if you can)
  • Take it home to dispose of or recycle
  • Doesn’t have to be a beach – can be a park, footpath or any public place close to you
  • Gloves MUST be worn
  • Take a pic of your finds, use the hashtag #IsolatedCleanUp
  • Tag me @beautyandthebeaches_ so I can see and share all of your hard work!

Many of us are apart from our loved ones including me, everything can seem like it’s falling apart. What do we have left to do in isolation? We have ourselves, a positive outlook and some goddamn determination to make the best of this horrible situation!

Get your comfy shoes on, gloves, a bag and LETS DO THIS TOGETHER.

Even if you aren’t able to take part I’d be grateful you could please share.

**Government advice should be adhered to at all times, in no way should anyone risk their health or anyone else’s, if you are in any doubt please do not take part**

Stay safe and well.

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Thanks for reading!